Scientific Objectives

  • To create and deploy the Bio-Streams Obesity Biobank, hosting real datasets from different countries and providing open access to realistic synthetic datasets, enabling standardised data collection & analysis
  • To create and deploy the Bio-Streams Obesity Platform as a cloud-based interoperable framework, supporting the Bio-Streams Biobank and hosting dedicated services / tools for a) knowledge sharing and dissemination, b) risk assessment and c) lifestyle recommendations
  • To generate a holistic understanding of the pathophysiology and psychosociology of childhood obesity, building an interpretable link to prevention and management pathways towards long-term health outcomes

Technical Objectives

  • To create a harmonised data model encapsulating overweight and obesity in a holistic manner, tackling semantic enrichment and interoperability across multiple physical and digital healthcare platforms and sources
  • To develop an appropriate regulatory framework for data preservation, analysis & sharing, ensuring (cyber) security, privacy and trust mechanisms, addressing individuals’ rights and data ownership
  • To develop and evaluate ML-based tools for a) obesity risk assessment, b) recommendation of personalised pathways and c) realistic data generation to facilitate knowledge interpretation and analysis for decision support

Clinical & Implementation Objectives

  • To create and implement a multi-pillar clinical protocol to orchestrate data collection and evaluate key application aspects of Bio-Streams in clinical settings
  • To create and implement a community-based roadmap coordinating cultivation of healthy environments and citizen awareness in school settings

Societal & Business Objectives

  • To set up a multidisciplinary network accelerating knowledge transfer, guideline dissemination and deployment of initiatives in relevant settings, triggering policy penetration into societies, supporting health literacy and bringing citizens closer to professionals
  • To display Bio-Streams applicability, cost-effectiveness and added value, building a market entry strategy